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Alain Cupper Quartet
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Alain Cupper
Phone +32 (0)476 29 26 78
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Web site Dedicated website
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Alain Cupper - Baritone saxophone    
? - Piano    
Eric Fusillier - Double bass    
Antoine Cirri - Drums    

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The baritone sax is a rich and versatile instrument but, although it is an essential element of many bands and some terrific jazzmen have considerably popularised it, it continues to be underrated and is all too rarely given the spotlight.

Alain Cupper chose the baritone to express himself musically, notably in his quartet. With this impressive instrument, so difficult to "tame", he has developed a recognisable lyricism and sound, reflecting his personality and his sensitivity.

His repertoire is made up of original compositions, some reworked standards and pieces which pay homage to the great saxophonists who have written the story of the baritone sax.

He is assisted in this venture by musicians that he knows well from having worked with them in different line-ups .

The group plays and promotes swing tinged with "Hard Bop", playing with energy, cohesion and tenderness but always with a personal touch.

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