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Afro Yambi Jazz
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Pierre Lognay - Guitar    
Jean-Paul Kilosho - Guitar    
Djermany - Vocals    
Toine Thys - Tenor saxophone (Past performances)  
Stéphane Mercier - Alto saxophone, Flute    
Koffi Sadjo - Keyboards    
Jaquou Ilunga - Bass    
Octave Agbekpenou - Drums    

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Afro Yambi Jazz ? A meeting between the best instrumentalists and singers of the Diaspora and exceptional jazz musicians (Angola, RDC, Togo, France, Belgium).

Building on the rich individual contributions of each band member, Afro Yambi Jazz presents a shimmering musical universe, blending the jazzy lyric flights with the frenzied tempi of the congolese guitars.

The originals titles bring definitely something new. Here is creative music to enhance the pleasure of dance.

The group Afro Yambi Jazz emerged from the meeting between musicians from Africa and Europe. Within just a few months, Afro Yambi Jazz has developed a coherent artistic project so much that some festivals as “Jazz Jette June” and “Afro-Disiac” were confident to program the group in the limelight of their festival as early as 2006. In 2007, Afro Yambi Jazz performed for big festivals such as Esperanzha, Pole Pole, Afro Latino, Blues and Jazz Rallye Luxembourg, Jazz Marathon Brussels, Yambi Congo, Cap Suds, ... and the best is yet to come.

Their repertoire consists essentially of original titles. Put together through collective work, it presents a subtle balance between original compositions and improvisations. In short, constant creativity at the service of a sophisticated musical concept, which nevertheless, remains accessible to everyone.

In one word, we could say that Africa embraces Jazz and vice versa (Yambi means embrace in Lingala)

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