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Variations On A Love Supreme | (Kris Defoort/Fabrizio Cassol)
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Kris Defoort - Piano, Composer    
Fabrizio Cassol - Alto saxophone, Composer    
Gunda Gottschalk - Violin    
Dominique Pifarely - Violin    
Jan Kuyken - Cello    
Pierre Bernard - Flute    
Antoine Prawerman - Bass clarinet    
Laurent Blondiau - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Jeroen Van Herzeele - saxophone    
Geoffroy De Masure - Trombone    
Michel Massot - Trombone, Tuba    
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - Electric bass    
Stéphane Galland - Drums    

Kris DEFOORT and Fabrizio CASSOL, among the most outstanding talents of the so gifted new generation of jazz musicians in Belgium, found themselves in charge of composing a work, of considerable length, inspired by "A Love Supreme" of John COLTRANE.

Saxophone player John COLTRANE (1926-1967) is the symbol of renovation in jazz history. After having worked with famous musicians like Johnny HODGES, Dizzy GILLESPIE, Miles DAVIS and Thelonious MONK, he formed during summer 1960 his own quartet. This ensemble found its classical equilibrium when COLTRANE was accompanied by pianist McCoy YNER, bassist Jimmy GARRISON and drummer Elvin JONES. For a while, the quartet became a quintet with the addition of saxophonist, flutist and clarinet player Eric DOLPHY. In 1965, COLTRANE decides to radically change the composition of his group. the role of pianist was taken by a woman, his wife, Alice COLTRANE, Rashied ALI replaced Elvin JONES at the drums, and Pharoah SANDERS as a second saxophone. At this phase, COLTRANE symbolises modernism, perpetually in search of new.
He managed better than any body else to remain within the sphere of improvisation while remaining recognizable to the extent that the improvisations became real compositions. This way of working finds a brilliant illustration in the suite "A Love Supreme", which since its creation became the backbone of improvised music.

Fabrizio CASSOL and Kris DEFOORT took it upon themselves to construct a work originating from the same theme. Their composition is played by eleven musicians who belong to different musical styles but who, within the art domain, share the same quest for authenticity.

The band appeared in various festivals (Jazz Middelheim, Lundis d'Hortense, etc...) and were recently invited to perform at the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, the famous Brussels opera, during the contemporary music festival "Ars Musica" '99.

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