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How Town
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website

Elina Silova - Vocals    
Laura Polence - Vocals    
Sarah Klenes - Vocals, Vocals    
Matiss Cudars - Guitar    
Lennart Heyndels - Double bass, Vocals    

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How Town is an international ensemble led by Lennart Heyndels consisting of four voices, guitar and double bass. Their music - complex in its simplicity - has been described as contemporary multi-style post-pop music. Recently they released their first [untitled] album: a suite of music based on the E.E. Cummings poem Anyone lived in a pretty how town. Here the borders between music and poetry get blurred by engaging them in an intimate dialogue. How Town was founded in Amsterdam and is now based all over Europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, Riga, Berlin). It came into existence out of a need to combine today's popular music with the intricacies of the classical musics and the freedom of jazz music. It aims at making the improbable probable and seeing juxtapositions as advantages to give the listener a unique experience.

Lennart Heyndels (°1990) is a bass player and composer from Belgium. Currently finishing a master degree in jazz music at the Amsterdam Conservatory Lennart is already a much in demand musician around Europe. In 2010 he won the 1st prize at the Prinses Christina Jazz Concours with two bands, a trio co-led with pianist Alex Koo and the Matiss Cudars Trio, resulting in a performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival, a private workshop with Brad Mehldau and the opportunity to attend Banff Centre Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music in Canada. Lennart also won the European Young Artist’s Jazz Award Burghausen 2013 with the Matiss Cudars Quartet giving them the opportunity to share the stage with Cassandra Wilson. Besides How Town, Lennart is active in various bands ranging from jazz to pop to experimental and as a composer/arranger ranging from smaller groups to big band to theatre performances.
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