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A Cool Xperience
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Jaak Boon
Phone +32 (0)471 355 234
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Johan Vandendriessche - Baritone saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Flute, Laptop    
Jan Muës - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals, Tap Dance    
Frank Michiels - Percussion    

In the early fifties the famous quartet of Chet Baker (vocals and flugelhorn), and Gerry Mulligan (baritone sax) invented the Cool Sound. You could feel the summer breeze of the West Coast: relax, have fun and enjoy the music.

Nowadays "A Cool Xperience" refers to this to this magnificent period but presents a crossover latin pop dance jazz live event.

No remake, or it would be nostalgic event.

A mixture of live laptop programming and pure musical skills on the acoustic instruments.

High level improvisations, with a cool spirit. Presented by the best of Belgium.

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