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@70's | (Axel Dumont)
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Axel Dumont
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Web site Dedicated website

Fred Delplancq - Tenor saxophone    
Pierre Gillet - Flute    
Jean-Michel Veneziano - Guitar    
John Mahy - Keyboards    
Axel Dumont - Electric bass    
Bilou Doneux - Drums    
Michel Seba - Percussion    

Texte également disponible en français 

Created in 2001, @ 70 s is a "concept concert " that takes the audience back to the seventies: WEATHER REPORT, Steps, Herbie HANCOCK, AIRTO, Chick COREA, John Mc LAUGHLIN, & all masters in their field having been under the influence of Miles DAVIS and who make musical history today.

Based in Brussels, @ 70 s is an energetic septet mixing together Jazz, Rock,

Funk as well as the musical colours of Brazil under the lead of bassist Axel DUMONT.

This mix makes a very unusual, but diversified repertoire turned towards a large audience and allows the aficionados of that musical era as well as the younger public to return to a well known groove or to discover a whole new world.

If @ 70 s makes a link between today and then, the aim of this "concept concert" is to make sure that the public has a good time not only reserved for the connoisseur.

In November 2003, the band released its first album, titled "A Tribute to the Jazz of the Seventies", produced by Daniel ROMEO and available via the band's web site.

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