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Flali in Chicago
Record Labels
Phonographic reference HR4446162
Released 2016
Media cd
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Renaud Patigny - Piano, Keyboards, Balafon, Vocals    
Geneviève Dartevelle - Harmonica, didgeridoo    
Désiré Ntemere - Vocals    
Kankan Bayo - Percussion, Vocals    




1.   Mutangire neza      
2.   Until Dawn      
3.   Flali in Chicago      
4.   Gene's blues      
5.   Barrelhouse stomp      
6.   Berta Berta      
7.   Bain mousse      
8.   Catch the mind      
9.   Love      
10.   Semble li selment toutsel      
11.   Mushakire gose      
12.   Make it right      
13.   Muraze neza      
14.   Noël à Bamako      
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Flali is a mask used with a traditional dance in Ivory Coast and Chicago is one of the most prominent cities in the blues and boogie woogie history.
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