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Vincent Thékal trio
Vincent Thékal trio
Record Labels Hypnote Records
Phonographic reference HR006
Released September 14, 2018
Media cd
Recorded November 27, 2017 - November 28, 2017
  Wallstudio by Jonas Verrijdt
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Vincent Thékal - Tenor saxophone    
Alex Gilson - Bass    
Franck Agulhon - Drums    


Vincent Thékal trio  


1.   Origami      
2.   Saint Josse      
3.   After the storm      
4.   Misterioso      
5.   Today's opinion      
6.   Juju      
7.   For all we know      
8.   Windows      

Vincent Thekal, tenor saxophonist from Brussels, Belgium, introduces his second opus as leader, "Origami", with bassist Alex Gilson and drummer Franck Agulhon. He continues to explore his own universe with the trio format, with eight new tunes in different moods, from straight ahead swing to contemporary grooves and ballads. A new sound to discover!
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