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Tutu Puoane & Brussels Jazz Orchestra
Tutu Puoane & Brussels Jazz Orchestra
We have a dream
Record Labels SoulFactory Records
Phonographic reference SFR-CD010
Released February 8, 2018
Media cd
Recorded July 2017
  Londerzeel (B)
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Tutu Puoane - Vocals    
Frank Vaganée - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Flute, artistic director    
Dieter Limbourg - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet, Flute    
Kurt Van Herck - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet, Flute    
Bart Defoort - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet    
Bo Van Der Werf - Baritone saxophone, Bass clarinet    
Serge Plume - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Nico Schepers - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Pierre Drevet - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Jeroen Van Malderen - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Marc Godfroid - Trombone    
Lode Mertens - Trombone    
Ben Fleerakkers - trombone    
Laurent Hendrick - Bass trombone    
Nathalie Loriers - Piano    
Jos Machtel - Double bass    
Toni Vitacolonna - Drums    
Bert Joris - Arranger    
Michel Herr - Arranger    
Gyuri Spies - Arranger    
Lode Mertens - Arranger    
Alan Ferber - Arranger    


Brussels Jazz Orchestra  


1.   Why ? (The king of love is dead) (originally sung by Nina Simone)    
  Gene Taylor (music), Michel Herr (arrangement)
2.   Big yellow taxi      
  Joni Mitchell (music), Joni Mitchell (lyrics), Alan Ferber (arrangement)
3.   They dance alone      
  Sting (music), Bert Joris (arrangement)
4.   Not yet uhuru      
  Letta Mbulu (music), Tutu Puoane (arrangement)
5.   Four women (sung by Nina Simone)    
  Nina Simone (music), Gyuri Spies (arrangement)
6.   The killing of Georgie (Part 1 & 2)      
  Rod Stewart (music), Gyuri Spies (arrangement)
7.   Cherokee Louis      
  Joni Mitchell (music), Joni Mitchell (lyrics), Alan Ferber (arrangement)
8.   Inner city blues (Make me wanna holler)      
  Marvin Gaye (music), Lode Mertens (arrangement)
9.   Someday we'll all be free (sung by Donny Hathaway)    
  Edward Howard (music), Bert Joris (arrangement)
10.   It's not easy being green      
  Joe Raposo (music), Michel Herr (arrangement)
11.   Heaven help us all      
  Stevie Wonder (music), Michel Herr (arrangement)
12.   War      
  Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong (music), Bert Joris (arrangement)
After the success of their first partnership, the album ‘Mama Africa’ (2011) for which they won a South African Music Award, among other accolades, ‘We Have A Dream’ brings together a broad repertoire of songs from very different corners of the music world, all with human rights themes and dedicated to the struggle for justice, equality and freedom. Music written by artists such as Sting, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, Marvin Gaye, arranged for this project by exquisite, experienced arrangers from the orchestra and beyond, including Bert Joris, Michel Herr, Gyuri Spies, Lode Mertens and Alan Ferber.

The result is an exciting, engaging yet accessible mix of sounds and styles, with Tutu’s beautiful voice supported and surrounded by the band’s signature sound, and with inspired soloing from the band members throughout.

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