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Trio Grande
Trio Grande
Signé Trio Grande
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference WERF 028
Released January 2002
Media cd
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Laurent Dehors - Saxophones, Clarinet    
Michel Massot - Trombone, Tubas    
Michel Debrulle - Drums, Percussion    


Trio Grande  


1.   Combes Mystériuses      
  Michel Massot
2.   Griffure de Cestin      
  Michel Massot
3.   Les Souris Dansent      
  Michel Massot
4.   Rêve d'Eléphant      
  Michel Massot, Michel Debrulle
5.   Un Chat sur le Toit      
  Michel Massot
6.   Tilia      
  Michel Massot
7.   Voltigeur    
  Michel Massot
8.   Menuet      
  Michel Massot
9.   Félicie    
  L. Dehors
10.   L'Acrobate      
  Michel Massot
11.   Silent Way      
  L. Dehors
12.   Mon petit Panari      
  L. Dehors
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"Dreaming elephants in the American West? Michel Debrulle and Michel Massot are just the mahouts and Navajo Indians you need, and they gather the concept into their embrace with delight.

But if that elephantine fantasy has only recently been fully paid up, the gallop of dreams has been around for more than 15 years, and since it's a western signed with a sword at your throat *, it has a certain air of sanctity. Sure, in 15 years the picture has changed a bit (Trio Bravo. Trio Grande, the topography shifts but never breaks), as has the distribution (exit Aka Cassol, hello to the great gleaming feeling of Dehors).

But Adventure is watching, waiting in the corner of the saloon : this second work from Trio Grande ** is in no way a repeat. Deracinated roots - a clapped out Jew's harp from Venus, hallucinated blues, the round-the-world growl, tongue clicks and key clicks. lt's a groove knitted between mist and neon - the kiss of the woodblock and the massive pipes, Ayler in the West, acid sweetness, 3 stamped stamps (I mew. you trumpet. he purges). Laurent Lord of the Saxes, Massot of the Stars, Lord Debrulle of Binche : the order of the day stands at the height of the disorder of generic nights.

To reinvent energy melody, to reinject tribal chanting into the guts of the frozen West, to suck the juice of the desert cactus - a handful of mocking psychedelic Indians are offering the peace-pipe of electric swing to the cowboys. And as for what's left over, sniff it, mate, sniff the bum of the charger of time, while that trio keeps on growing!

* Clearly Zonro'S sword - nowadays. when sad cowboys armor-clad in their · presiding position get their hysterical keyboards out to rescue with one hand what hasn't been scuppered by the other. nuance is all !

** The first date in 1994 (Trio Grande. Igloo IGL 109)"

( Liner notes by Jean-Pol Schroeder )

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