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I Sing Because
Record Labels Autoproduction
  Self-produced album
Released June 2, 2014
Media cd
Recorded Echolux Studio (Leipzig, Germany) by Rafael Klitzing
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Elsa Grégoire - Vocals, Lyricist, Composer    
Lukas Rabe - Piano and keyboards, Composer    
Toralf Schrader - Double bass    
Julius Kraft - Drums    




1.   I sing because 1      
2.   Moving on    
3.   Tin angel      
4.   Clouds      
5.   I sing because 2      
6.   Suite for riders    
7.   The whisperer      
8.   We stand here      
9.   Je chante car      

All music and lyrics composed by Elsa Grégoire and Lukas Rabe except "Tin angel" composed by Joni Mitchell.

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