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The Wrong Object
The Wrong Object
Stories from the shed
Record Labels Moonjune Records (USA)
Phonographic reference MJR018
Released February 2008
Media cd
Recorded October 2007
  La Louvière & Waimes (Belgium)
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Fred Delplancq - Tenor saxophone    
Jean-Paul Estiévenart - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Michel Delville - Guitars, Composer, Vocals    
Damien Polard - Bass    
Laurent Delchambre - Drums    


The Wrong Object  


1.   Sonic Riot at the Holy Palate    
  Michel Delville
2.   15/05      
  Fred Delplancq
3.   Sheepwrecked      
  Damien Polard
4.   Acquiring the Taste      
  Delplancq, Delville, Polard
5.   Lifting Belly      
  Michel Delville
6.   Malign Siesta      
  Michel Delville
7.   Theresa's Dress      
  Michel Delville
8.   Rippling Stones      
  The Wrong Object
9.   Theresa's Dress (Reprise)      
  Michel Delville
10.   Strangler Fig      
  Michel Delville
11.   Waves and Radiations      
  Delplancq, Delville, Polard
12.   Saturn    
  Jean-Paul Estiévenart
13.   The Unbelievable Truth - Part I      
  Michel Delville
14.   The Unbelievable Truth - Part II      
  Michel Delville
Belgian heavy avant-prog-jazz-rock combo The Wrong Object returns with a brand new studio release of their trademark instrumentation and sonic landscapes. Laden with a full load of heavy guitar riffs, extravagant jazz themes and electronic sounds, this CD marks a return to the rockier and densely overdriven stance that characterized the band’s earlier productions.
The sheer sonic texture of this album is driven by a combination of tight prog-rock sequences alternating with more open, freely improvised material.
This explosive package consists of a solid, pulsing rhythm section capable of performing with versatility in any situation, aggressive guitar riffs and solos, unusual guitar-synth soundscapes, and fuzz bass guitar laced with a fiery horn duet.
With influences ranging from Zappa’s whimsical complexities to Squarepusher’s glitchy electronics, from Soft Machine and Electric Miles to Stravinsky and Béla Bartok, “Stories from the Shed” will surprise prog-rock fans and modern electric jazz aficionados alike with its genre-defying compositions, eclectic jam improvisations and intricate arrangements.
Eclectic band for fans of Frank Zappa, Soft Machine, Primus, King Crimson, Terje Rypdal, John Zorn and jazz-oriented jam-band scene.

" The Wrong Object has built a reputation for its astute interpretation of the music of Frank Zappa, but its members are strong and idiosyncratic composers in their own right. They’re also intrepid improvisers who combine an appreciation of the jazz vernacular with a more aggressive rock stance." – All about jazz (USA)

“An amazing band performing surprisingly cohesive set of structured Zappaesque mprov-jazz-avant-prog-rock. Truly on fire !" – Exposé Magazine, USA

" Already to be considered one of the best records of 2008!" – Glenn Astarita, contributor to DownBeat magazine,, (USA)

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