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The New Look Trio
The New Look Trio
Record Labels Saxofoon
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference SA 9201
Released 1992
Media cd
Recorded July 1992 - August 1992

Roger Vanhaverbeke - Double bass    
Pascal Michaux - Piano    
Freddy Rottier - Drums    
+ guests :      
Judy Niemack - Vocals    
Jeanfrançois Prins - Guitar    


Roger Vanhaverbeke and the New Look Trio  


1.   I’m old fashioned      
2.   Straight’m up and fly high      
3.   I’ve got the world on a string      
4.   God bless the child      
5.   Jitterbug waltz      
6.   How high the moon      
7.   Who can I turn to?      
8.   What is this thing called love?      
9.   Oh! lady be good      
10.   How long has this been going on?      
11.   Too close for comfort      
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