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The Jazz Station Big Band
The Jazz Station Big Band
Record Labels Hypnote Records
Phonographic reference HR020
Released December 17, 2021
Media cd
Recorded September 2020
  Jet studio (Brussels) by Pierre Dozin
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Stéphane Mercier - Conductor, Alto saxophone, Flute    
Daniel Stokart - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Flutes    
Steven Delannoye - Tenor saxophone    
Vincent Brijs - Baritone saxophone    
Peter Delannoye - Trombone    
David De Vrieze - Trombone    
Bart De Lausnay - Bass trombone    
Loïc Dumoulin - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Jean-Paul Estiévenart - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Pauline Leblond - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
François Decamps - Guitar    
Vincent Bruyninckx - Piano    
Boris Schmidt - Double bass    
Toon Van Dionant - Drums    


The Jazz Station Big Band  


1.   A mood      
2.   Ma elle      
3.   Artichoke facial      
4.   Amazing angel's life      
5.   Route 166      
6.   Mixed feelings      
7.   Don't butt in line      
8.   My number one      
9.   Peace over tone      
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