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The Evil Art Contest
The Evil Art Contest
The Evil Art Contest
Record Labels Rat records (Rare and Treacherous)
Phonographic reference RAT 024
Released April 2014
Media cd, lp
Recorded April 2013
  Sunny Side Inc Studio's (Anderlecht) by Nicolas Lefèvre
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Teun Verbruggen - Drums, Electronics    
Marc Ducret - Guitar    
Nate Wooley - Trumpet    


1.   Shanna the Fairy Queen      
2.   Commission BlitzPonX      
3.   If I loose it's all your Fault      
4.   Size M. Dump      
5.   If you see any errors please inform me      
6.   Watersoup      
7.   Ruby Rose      
8.   My Flexible Friend (homage for mastercard)      

All music is free improvised

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