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The Demagogue Reacts!
The Demagogue Reacts!
Record Labels Lyrae Records
Phonographic reference LY 0309-C
Released September 2003
Media cd (2 CD)

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Johan Vandendriessche - Saxophones, Flute, Guitar, Bass clarinet, Drums    
Paul Flush - Hammond organ    
Frank Michiels - Percussion, Steeldrum, Loops    
Jean-Marie Aerts - Electric guitar   on track 3


The Demagogue Reacts !  


DISC 1. Kazzbah
1.   Samba x-periment    
2.   Jo'bourg part I      
3.   Dancing with Bernie Craven      
4.   Jo'bourg part II      
5.   Jo'bourg finale      
6.   Jazzbar - Kazzbah      
7.   To all of you      
8.   Nature girls meets nature boy      
9.   Dancing on ice      
10.   Goa x-periment      
DISC 2. Kazzbah Jazzbar
1.   No time for jazz on the radio  
2.   Goa x-periment      
3.   Samba x-periment      
4.   Jazzbar - Kazzbah      
5.   Nature girls meets nature boy      

Composers: 1&7 F. Michiels - 2&4 J. Vandendriessche - 4b R. Taylor - 6 P. Flush. All others : The Demagogue Reacts except 3 with the collaboration of Jean-Marie Aerts

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