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The Bobby Jaspar Quartet
The Bobby Jaspar Quartet
at Ronnie Scott's
Record Labels Molejazz (F)
Phonographic reference CDMole11
Released 1989
Media cd
Recorded January 1962
  Ronnie Scott's Club, London

Reissue of a LP, Molejazz (F) Mole11.
Digitally remastered, compiled and edited by Peter Bould. This CD contains 3 extra tracks that did not appear on the LP, but the song "It Could Happen To You", originally on the LP, has been removed for the CD reissue.


Bobby Jaspar - Tenor saxophone, Flute    
René Thomas - Guitar    
Benoît Quersin - Double bass    
Daniel Humair - Drums    


1.   Sonnymoon For Two      
  Sonny Rollins
2.   Like Someone In Love      
  Burke / Van Heusen
3.   Stella By Starlight      
  V. Young / Washington
4.   Be Like Bud      
  René Thomas
5.   Our Delight      
  T. Dameron
6.   Darn That Dream      
  Van Heusen / De Lange
7.   Pent Up House      
  Sonny Rollins
8.   Oleo      
  Sonny Rollins
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