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Swing Dealers
Swing Dealers
Swing & soul for sale !
  Self-produced album
Released September 2009
Media cd
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Vincent Mardens - Tenor saxophone    
Jean Van Lint - Double bass, Vocals    
Stijn Wauters - Piano    
Jan de Haas - Drums    


The Swing Dealers  


1.   Time      
  Jean Van Lint
2.   Soulful Mister Timmons      
  James Williams
3.   Mo better blues      
  Bill Lee
4.   Just one of those things      
  Cole Porter
5.   Bad girl      
  Jean Van Lint
6.   Carry on      
  Jean Van Lint
7.   Walk Tall      
  Joe Zawinul
8.   I took her for a ride      
  Jean Van Lint
9.   Lullaby of Birdland      
  George Shearing
10.   Sack 'o woe      
  Julian "Cannonball" Adderley
11.   I was made for loving you      
  Stanley / Child / Poncia
12.   Oscar goes to Hollywood      
  Vincent Mardens
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On Youtube, a promo video featuring several audio excerpts of this album.

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