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Swing Dealers
Swing Dealers
Hot Arrabbiata
Record Labels Autoproduction
Phonographic reference SD2013
Released June 5, 2013
Media cd

Vincent Mardens - Tenor saxophone, Alto saxophone    
Jean Van Lint - Bass, Vocals    
Dirk Van Der Linden - Piano    
Jan de Haas - Drums    


The Swing Dealers  


1.   Our love is here to stay   3:09  
  George Gershwin (music), Ira Gershwin (lyrics)
2.   Tin tin Deo   5:03  
  Chano Pozo (music), Gil Fuller (lyrics)
3.   Lazy today   4:18
  Jean Van Lint
4.   Shiny stockings   3:35  
  Frank Foster
5.   Out in the rain   4:00  
  Jean Van Lint
6.   Breakfast in America   3:48  
  Richard Davies / Charles Hodgson
7.   Nica's Dream   4:53  
  Horace Silver (music), Ecaroh Music Inc (EO)
8.   I still haven't found what I'm looking for   4:56  
  Adam Clayton / David Edge / Paul David Hewson / Larry Mullen
9.   It happened in Monterey   3:57  
  Mabel Wayne (music), Billy Rose (lyrics)
10.   It's all right with me   3:43  
  Cole Porter
11.   From the other side   3:37  
  Jean Van Lint
12.   Not for you   3:30  
  Jean Van Lint
13.   This here   4:35  
  Bobby Timmons
14.   A little better   4:16
  Jean Van Lint
15.   You've changed   2:36  
  Carl Fischer (music), Bill Carey (lyrics)
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