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Steve Houben
Steve Houben
Steve Houben invite... / Année Sax 1994
Record Labels Arpèges
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference CDG 914
Released 1994
Media cd
Recorded 1994

Production (and distribution ?) : the
"Jeune Chambre Economique de Dinant".
Contact ++32 (0)82 22-52-34


Steve Houben - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Peter Vandendriessche - Alto saxophone    
Kurt Van Herck - Tenor saxophone    
Jan Menu - Baritone saxophone    
Michel Herr - Piano    
Philippe Aerts - Double bass    
Bruno Castellucci - Drums    


1.   Crazy Rhythm      
  J. Meyer, R.W. Kahn
2.   Mack the Knife      
  K. Weil
3.   Old Folks      
  Hill, Robinson
4.   Innocence    
  Kurt Van Herck, Kris Goessens
5.   Morning      
  Clare Fischer
6.   Inlet    
  Kurt Van Herck, Kris Goessens
7.   Let's get it out      
  Michel Herr
8.   I've got the world on a string      
  H. Arlen
9.   Anthropology      
  C. Parker
10.   We'll be together again      
  Carl Fisher
11.   Line for Lyons      
  G. Mulligan
12.   Dribble      
  Kurt Van Herck, Kris Goessens
13.   Miniatuur      
  Jan Menu
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