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Steve Houben / Emil Viklicky
Steve Houben / Emil Viklicky
Bohemia After Dark
Record Labels P&J Music
Phonographic reference PJ 012-2
Released October 1997
Media cd
Recorded May 1997
  Prague, CZ

Nominated as one of the 3 best jazz albums of the year '97 in the Czech Republic.

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Steve Houben - Alto saxophone, Flute, Vocals    
Emil Viklicky - Piano    
Petr Dvorsky - Bass    
Laco Tropp - Drums    


1.   You do something to me      
  Cole Porter
2.   Weaver of dreams      
  Victor Young, Eliott
3.   East of the sun      
  B. Bowman
4.   Cacharel      
  Emil Viklicky
5.   Enfance      
  Steve Houben
6.   Crazy she calls me      
  C. Sigman, B. Russel
7.   Claire      
  Emil Viklicky
8.   The girl next door      
  H. Martin, R. Blanc
9.   Come rain or come shine      
  J. Mercer, H. Arlen
10.   I'll never be the same      
  M. Malneck, F. Signorelli, G. Kahn
11.   Bohemia after dark      
  O. Pettiford
12.   Born to be blue      
  M. Tormé, R. Wells
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