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Stéphane Mercier
Stéphane Mercier
Record Labels Quetzal Records
Phonographic reference QZ136
Released October 2013
Media cd
Recorded 2013
  Avalon Studios, Tervuren

Recorded & mixed by Alexandre Azzaro

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Stéphane Mercier - Alto saxophone, Flutes, Tamborine, Balafon, claphands, chest & rattle    
in duet with :      
David Linx - Vocals   on track 1
Eric Legnini - Piano, Bass piano, claphands   on track 2
Nathalie Loriers - Piano   on track 3
Nicolas Thys - Bass, Guitar   on track 4
Vincent Bruyninckx - Piano   on track 5
Toine Thys - Tenor saxophone, Bass clarinet, Soprano saxophone, bell, shaker   on track 6
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - Double bass   on track 7
Ivan Paduart - Piano   on track 8
Paolo Loveri - Guitars   on track 9
Bruno Castellucci - Drums   on track 10
Jeanfrançois Prins - Guitars   on track 11
Fabrice Alleman - Soprano saxophone   on track 12
Charles Loos - Piano   on track 13
Félix Simtaine - Drums   on track 14
Daniel Stokart - Soprano saxophone, Bass clarinet, Flute   on track 15
Pierre Van Dormael - Guitar    
on track 16, recorded in 1994 in Waterloo


1.   I get along without you very well      
2.   Artichoke Facial    
  Stéphane Mercier
3.   Samah el Biyar      
  Stéphane Mercier
4.   Propaganda    
  Stéphane Mercier
5.   Chair      
  Stéphane Mercier
6.   For God’s sake (the Queen)      
  Stéphane Mercier
7.   Pure Imagination      
8.   Samsara      
  Ivan Paduart (arrangement), Stéphane Mercier
9.   Louis      
  melody, chords
10.   The Jazz Studio      
11.   5th Ave.      
  Jeanfrançois Prins
12.   Last Night When We Were Young      
13.   Nat Queen Cool      
  Charles Loos
14.   Moi, j’aime le Music Hall      
15.   Serial Series      
  Stéphane Mercier
16.   Alone Together bonus track    
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