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Sadi's Big Band
Sadi's Big Band
Swing A Little
Record Labels September
Phonographic reference Sep 05125
Released 2003
Media cd
Recorded 1971

Reissue. Original recordings : 1971, released on a Palette LP.


Sadi - Vibraphone, Vocals, Bongos, Composer, Arranger    
Edmond Harnie - Trumpet    
Janot Morales - Trumpet    
Nic Fissette - Trumpet    
Herman Sandy - Trumpet    
Frans Van Dyck - Trombone    
François Bastaens - Trombone    
Jan Mertens - Trombone    
Etienne Verschueren - Alto saxophone    
Marcel Denisse - Alto saxophone    
François Morin - Tenor saxophone    
Constant Letellier - Tenor saxophone    
José Paessens - Baritone saxophone    
Willy Albimoor - Piano    
Roger Vanhaverbeke - Double bass    
Freddy Rottier - Drums    


1.   Ain't She sweet      
  Milton, Yellen, Ager
2.   I can't give you anything but love      
  Jimmy Mc Hugh, Dorothy Fields
3.   Little green apples      
  Bobby Russell
4.   You are my sunshine      
  Jimmy Davis
5.   You are driving me crazy      
6.   Hep hep the jumping jive      
7.   Swing a little      
8.   She'll be mine      
9.   Just walking along      
10.   I cried for you      
11.   I won't dance      
  Jerome Kern
12.   Everytime we say goodbye      
  Cole Porter
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