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Sabin Todorov
Sabin Todorov
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL315
Released April 17, 2020
Media cd
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Sabin Todorov - Piano, Composer    
Sal La Rocca - Double bass    
Lionel Beuvens - Drums    


Sabin Todorov Trio  


1.   Archaeology      
2.   Kurosawa's fox wedding      
3.   Game of fear      
4.   My name is Sadness      
5.   What a mess      
6.   A piece of your soul      
7.   Flight over the ocean      
8.   El hierro      
9.   East      
10.   Unexpected rain      

Compositions by Sabin Todorov.

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Bulgarian Pianist Sabin Todorov is releasing a third one as a trio. “Archaeology”, a metaphor for the inner journey, takes us into the poetic world of the pianist through jazz that is resolutely modern and where melody is right up front.
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