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Renaud Patigny and his Blue Devils
Renaud Patigny and his Blue Devils
Still Boogyin'
Record Labels Alone Blue
Phonographic reference @014
Released March 2006
Media cd
Distribution AMG Benelux
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Renaud Patigny - Piano, Vocals    
Peter Verhas - Alto saxophone    
André Ronsse - Tenor saxophone    
John Valcke - Double bass    
Bob Dartsch - Drums    
Christine Jones - Vocals    


Renaud Patigny and his Blue Devils  


1.   The beast    
2.   Barrelhousin' once more      
3.   Danke schön Amadeus      
4.   Rockin slowly à la Pete      
5.   Strong women      
6.   Life is priceless      
7.   PJ from KC Congo      
8.   Market place      
9.   Chicken strut      
10.   Benin City queen's eyes      
11.   Trottant à Chicago      
12.   Walkin' in Brussels      
13.   At club Joe's      
14.   Blues for Claude    
15.   On my way to LA      
16.   Boogie soldier      

Boogie Woogie

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