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Reggie Washington
Reggie Washington
Vintage new acoustic
Record Labels Jammin'colors
Released November 7, 2018
Media cd
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Reggie Washington - Double bass    
Bobby Sparks - Piano, Keyboards    
Fabrice Alleman - Tenor saxophone    
E.J. Strickland - Drums    


1.   Afro blue      
  Mongo Santamaria
2.   Always loving      
3.   B3 blues 4 Leroy      
4.   ESP      
  Wayne Shorter
5.   Footprints      
  Wayne Shorter
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Reggie Washington has been trying for years to get involved in a project where, as a leader, he would play mostly acoustic bass. Just after the release of his new tribute to Jef Lee Johnson (Rainbow Shadow 2), Reggie rediscovers with happiness the overtones, vibrations, nuances and hum of the four strings of “his” acoustic bass in the album “Vintage New Acoustic”.

The quartet’s repertoire is a mix of standards and jazz classics enriched with original pieces written and re-arranged to fit the group’s mood. This unique mix of tradition and innovation is further enhanced by the subtle combinations of jazz, funk, blues & neo-soul.Something to discover urgently!

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