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Reggie Washington
Reggie Washington
A Lot Of Love. Live!
Record Labels Jammin'colors
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference Jammin'colors104
Released October 2006
Media cd
Distribution BANG!
Recorded March 2006 - August 2006
  The Sounds, Le Tavernier, Studiobis, Brussels
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Reggie Washington - Bass    
Ravi Coltrane - Tenor saxophone    
Gene Lake - Drums    
Erwin Vann - Tenor saxophone    
Stéphane Galland - Drums    

Trio 1 (Tracks 1,4,5,7,8) : Reggie Washington, Ravi Coltrane, Gene Lake

Trio 2 (Tracks 2,3,6,9) : Reggie Washington, Erwin Vann, Stéphane Galland




1.   Reuben's 2 train    
  Reggie Washington
2.   Mr. Pastorius      
  M. Miller
3.   Half position Woody      
  Reggie Washington
4.   Jade 4 Giada      
  Reggie Washington
5.   Strange meeting      
  B. Frisell
6.   This one    
  Erwin Vann
7.   Ledge      
  Reggie Washington
8.   Fall      
  W. Shorter
9.   Requiem pour un con      
  S. Gainsbourg - M. Colombier
10.   Fanny's toy      
  Reggie Washington
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