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Q-Some Big Band
Q-Some Big Band
Released February 2021
Media cd
Recorded September 2019
  Daft Studio, Malmédy (B), mixed at Record Office

Dieter Vaganée - Alto saxophone    
Arthur Hirtz - Alto saxophone    
Marjan Van Rompay - Saxophones    
Tobias Volckaert - Saxophones    
Tom Cautaerts - Baritone saxophone    
Ruben Vanacker - Trumpet    
Jany Van Lul - Trumpet    
Thadeus Jolie - Trumpet    
Marthe Van Droogenbroeck - Trumpet    
Pierre -Antoine Savoyat - Trumpet    
Manten Van Gils - Trombone, Conductor, Composer    
Kristof Decoster - Trombone    
Roel Vanacker - Trombone    
Els Verbruggen - Trombone    
Gabriele Di Franco - Guitar    
Robbe Willems - Piano    
Wim Ramon - Double bass    
Brecht Adriaenssens - Drums    
Dunja Maes - Vocals   On # 5


Q-Some Big Band  


1.   Prototype      
  Robbe Willems
2.   Square planet      
  Manten Van Gils
3.   Raw - Part 1      
  Manten Van Gils
4.   Raw - Part 2      
  Manten Van Gils
5.   Blues for F      
  Gabriele Di Franco
6.   Playful      
  Manten Van Gils
7.   A girl named Eddie      
  Manten Van Gils
8.   Flugled      
  Manten Van Gils
9.   For Klaus      
  Pierre-Antoine Savoyat
10.   Powerful people      
  Manten Van Gils
When you give your mind free rein, you get a broad view of what is possible with a big band. Then own, fresh compositions are established. A new generation of European composers, together with the top of the newest generation of European jazz musicians, sheds light on the future of European Big Band music, in its absolute essence, as in a common dream.

Dreaminí is a programme of the Q-Some Big Band with original work from within their own ranks by Manten Van Gils (BE), Gabriele di Franco (IT), Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (FR) and Robbe Willems (BE)

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