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Pirly Zurstrassen
Pirly Zurstrassen
Pour L'Ivoire
Record Labels AZ Productions
Phonographic reference AZ1007
Released May 2005
Media cd
Distribution AMG
Recorded 2004
  various locations, during the summer 2004

8 Belgian pianists play, solo, compositions by Pirly Zurstrassen


Pirly Zurstrassen - Piano    
Fabian Fiorini - Piano    
Eric Legnini - Piano    
Jean-Christophe Renault - Piano    
Diederik Wissels - Piano    
Kris Defoort - Piano    
Nathalie Loriers - Piano    
Arnould Massart - Piano    


Pirly Zurstrassen solo  


1. Pirly Zurstrassen Danse d'Or   3:37
2. Fabian Fiorini HH   6:54  
3. Eric Legnini Valse pour Evbi   5:53  
4. Jean-Christophe Renault Pour l'Ivoire 1   3:45  
5. Diederik Wissels Pour l'Ivoire 2   8:29  
6. Kris Defoort Coquelicot   6:16  
7. Nathalie Loriers La Musique de l'Année   5:22  
8. Arnould Massart Obliques   6:33  
9. Pirly Zurstrassen l'Inévitable   2:55

All compositions by Pirly Zurstrassen, performed, solo, by 8 pianists (including Pirly).

Texte également disponible en français 

1.Pirly Zurstrassen plays “ Danse d'Or ” : Rhythm from the series by Fibonnaci on an ostinato in 4/4. (recorded on own piano)

2.Fabian Fiorini plays “ HH ” : Etude cyclique on rhythm and form. (recorded at Flagey)

3.Eric Legnini plays “ Valse pour Evbi ” : the oldest piece, a dedication to Bill Evans. (Recorded at Pianos Maene)

4.Jean-Christophe Renault plays “ Pour l'Ivoire N°1 ” : repetitive Composition, Bach perhaps larks not far. (Recorded at l'Atelier Pion-Bittner)

5.Diederik Wissels plays “ Pour l'Ivoire N°2 ” : Consequence of N' I with a South American air. (Recorded at Espace Toots)

6.Kris Defoort plays “ Coquelicot ” : Harmonique and spring like composition steming from an ostinato en 5/8. (Recorded at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels)

7.Nathalie Loriers plays “ La Musique de l'Année ” : piano developpement of blues. (Recorded at Salon Mativa)

8.Arnould Massant plays “ Obliques” : Rhythmical piece based on “ Pittura ”, a choregraphy of the Compagnie Irène K. (Recorded on own piano)

9.Pirly Zurstrassen plays “ l'Inévitable ” : the first composition written for his Grotian Steinweg. (Recorded on his piano)

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