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Pierre Van Dormael
Pierre Van Dormael
Solos Duos
Record Labels Mognomusic
Phonographic reference MOGNO J029
Released November 15, 2008
Media cd
Distribution AMG Benelux
Recorded September 2007 - January 2008
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Pierre Van Dormael - Guitar    
Hervé Samb - Guitar    


1.   Undercover    
  Pierre Van Dormael
2.   Margot      
  Keith Jarrett
3.   Jaguar      
  Techrar Vakou
4.   Ocean      
  Pierre Van Dormael
5.   Small world    
  Pierre Van Dormael
6.   My back pages      
  Bob Dylan
7.   Skylark      
  Hoagy Carmichael / J. Mercer
8.   Games      
  Steve Coleman
9.   My romance      
  Rodgers / Hart
10.   Blowin' in the wind      
  Bob Dylan
11.   4 AM      
  Hervé Samb
12.   It never entered my mind      
  Rodgers / Hart
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Pierre himself recorded and put together, organized and remixed the 12 pieces on this cd. He carefully alternates between duo pieces with Hervé Samb and solo pieces.
His resolutely delicate playing and his refined sound find a way of exploring the guitar in an almost pianistic manner, mixing single lines and chords in a very original and harmonious contrapuntal way. The beautiful composition 'Ocean' illustrates this aspect. The music always flows naturally.
Let's not be mistaken : the accessible side to the music which Pierre wanted for this cd does not prevent him from using his original phrasing throughout his improvisations.
The result is explicit yet very "Van Dormaelian".

The Senegalese guitarist Hervé Samb was only 14 when he met Pierre who at that time was teaching in the Dakar Conservatory. Since then the bond between the two guitarists has remained and strengthened as one can hear on their recordings.
From time to time Pierre and I spent an afternoon playing music together. Beautiful moments in time which I always came away from with some new inspiration and energy. It was Pierre who opened my eyes and ears to such ideas as not to leave a note unresolved in a piece - melody or improvisation.... A very beautiful album.

Philip Catherine Orval, Sept. 2008

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