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Pierre Anckaert
Pierre Anckaert
Record Labels Evil Penguin Jazz
Phonographic reference EPJ002
Released May 2008
Media cd
Recorded February 2008

Pierre Anckaert - Piano    
Hendrik Vanattenhoven - Bass    
David Barker - Drums    
Guy Nikkels - Guitar   in # 8
Bert Joris - Trumpet    


Pierre Anckaert Trio  


1.   urbanismo    
2.   in one breath      
3.   boreal      
4.   hoagy bear      
5.   in a peculiar galaxy      
6.   pause café      
7.   jusqu' à présent      
8.   candide    
9.   nostalgia on Riga Square      
10.   Mazurka      
11.   el ultimo?      

All compositions by Pierre Anckaert
N° 4 "Hoagy Bear" contains extracts from "Skylark" by Hoagy Carmichael

Pierre Anckaert plays contemporary Jazz stirred with an abundance of classical and Latin blends. Listeners can expect an intricately layered, modern kind of Jazz, offering you the warmth of a southern sun and varying between ingenious themes and virtuoso solos. Or, to put in the words of Belgian newspaper journalist Karel Van Keymeulen: "Pierre Anckaert plays jazz music mixed with a lot of Cuban influences, spicy motives and contagious rhythms." His repertoire comprises own-made modern compositions, in which one can clearly make out classical references to for instance Chick Corea and Clare Fisher, or even Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy. But it also reminds us of the 'Latin feel' of Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Papo Luca. Aside from this Pierre Anckaert offers some adventurous interpretations of traditional Cuban artists and other standards. Although Pierre Anckaert has opted for a trio as the solid base to perform his compositions, he is always up for an enriching excursion with percussion or strings. The Pierre Anckaert Trio has been awarded First Prize at the Hoeilaart International Jazz Contest 2007 where they also received the SABAM 2007 Prize for best interpretation of the compulsory piece "Tritone Song" by Peter Hertmans. The jury qualified his trio as follows: “The Pierre Anckaert Trio is playing difficult music by heart, so it’s easy to understand. It makes you listen also because the music is so varied with dynamic vitality, latin rhytm, changing with warm feelings and beautiful ballad- playing with a good trio sound”. Pierre Anckaert recorded in februari 2008, together with Hendrik Vanattenhoven on double bass and David Barker on drums, his first album “Candide” for the label Evil Penguin Jazz, The album also features Bert Joris on trumpet and Guy Nikkels on guitar. Anckaert’ s trio has also made TV appearances on EXQI and TV Brussel.
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