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Philip Catherine
Philip Catherine
Summer Night
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference out of catalog ?
Released October 2002
Collection The Finest in Belgian Jazz, # 7 (Werf)
Media cd

This album has been released simultaneously, but with different covers, on the "Werf" label and on the French "Dreyfus" label

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Philip Catherine - Guitar    
Bert Joris - Trumpet    
Philippe Aerts - Double bass    
Joost Van Schaik - Drums    


1.   Tiger Groove      
  Philip Catherine
2.   Letter from my Mother      
  Philip Catherine
3.   Summer Night      
  Dubin, Warren
4.   Francis' Delight      
  Philip Catherine
5.   Birth of Janet      
  Philip Catherine
6.   Janet      
  Philip Catherine
7.   Time After Time      
  S. Cahn
8.   Laura      
  D. Raksin
9.   If I should lose you      
  Robin, Rainger
10.   Round About Midnight      
  Monk, C. Williams
11.   All Through the Day      
  Hammerstein, Kern
12.   Le Jardin de Madi      
  Philip Catherine
13.   Gilles et Mirona      
  Philip Catherine
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