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Philip Catherine
Philip Catherine
Moods (Vol. 2)
Record Labels Criss Cross
Phonographic reference 1061
Released 1992
Media cd
Recorded May 19, 1992 - May 20, 1992

Philip Catherine trio featuring Tom Harrell and Hein Van de Geyn


Philip Catherine - Guitar    
Hein Van De Geyn - Double bass    
Tom Harrell - Trumpet    
Michel Herr - Keyboards    


1.   Mingus In The Sky    
  Philip Catherine
2.   The Carousel      
  Tom Harrell
3.   Entrance Des Princes    
  Philip Catherine
4.   Galerie Des Princes      
  Philip Catherine
5.   Two Faced Lover      
  Hein Van De Geyn
6.   Twenty Bar Tune      
  Tom Harrell
7.   December 26th Variation II      
  Philip Catherine
8.   Pink Lady      
  Tom Harrell
9.   The Waltz      
  Tom Harrell
10.   A Time For Love      
  Johnny Mandel /F.P. Webster)
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