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Phil Abraham Trio
Phil Abraham Trio
Record Labels Lyrae Records
Phonographic reference LY 99020-C
Released November 1999
Media cd
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Phil Abraham - Trombone, Vocals    
Fred Favarel - Guitar    
Hein Van De Geyn - Double bass    


Phil Abraham Trio  


1.   Les Gens Simples   3:55
  Phil Abraham
2.   Pick Yourself Up   3:41  
  J. Kern
3.   Les Choses De La Vie   4:31  
  Ph. Sarde
4.   Walkin' Tip-Toe   6:28  
  Bert Joris
5.   Jeanne et Louise   3:37
  Phil Abraham
6.   Saint-Thomas   4:32  
  S. Rollins
7.   Another Way   3:44  
  Phil Abraham
8.   Scoot   2:25  
  N. Hefti
9.   Here's That Rainy Day   4:55  
  J. Van Heusen
10.   Both Worlds   4:49  
  R. Van Bavel
11.   Lucky Thirds   6:46  
  Bert Joris
"After 5 years with the O.N.J (National Jazz Orchestra of France), it is about time to turn back toward my own music. It is, therefore, a very opportune moment to bring out my 5th album.

I recall my 1st one, a LP that I have produced on my own. Then, came the CDs : Live at The Sugar Village (Aurophon), Stapler (Igloo) and En public from LYRAE, much the same as the present one with the exception that on the new one I play in trio and not in quartet.

This new born, I am really proud of. It disseminates a new sound, much more closer to what I really am than any other before. The songs seem to flow out easily but in fact, the technical hardships were unbelievable. Nevertheless, the end result goes well down and this is mainly due to the outstanding musicianship of my two partners who assure the rhythmic and harmonious part of this trio.

Thanks so much Fred for your professional conscience, Thank you, Hein, for your sensibility ...

It is the consequence of their work and also immense talent, that the small pearls that we recorded scintillate their utmost shine.

Don't bother to find how they were engraved; rather let yourself be seduced by the wellbeing that we have endeavored to endow them with.

Few "Fredaines" of head turning outcome in a musical universe that I'd intended to be as sensual as possible.

We have toiled tirelessly for the only purpose of procuring these few simple pleasures.

Savor them with no restrain and share them without restriction.

    Yours sincerely

    Phil Abraham

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