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Phil Abraham Quartet
Phil Abraham Quartet
From jazz to baroque, ou l'inverse !
Record Labels Mognomusic
Phonographic reference MOGNO J019
Released January 10, 2006
Media cd
Recorded April 29, 2004 - May 1, 2004
  EGS studion Jolimont (B) by Ruben Wautier

The quartet of trombone player Phil Abraham meets sackbut players, the ancestor of the trombone.

This cd is the result of a fantastic meeting between two teachers in the summer workshop of La Musique des Cuivres in Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille (France). Stéphane Legee (baroque music teacher) and Phil Abraham (jazz teacher) decided to work together for a concert, a unique event in this festival, mixing the two wide fields of those two musical streams.

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Phil Abraham - Trombone, Vocals    
Frédéric Favarel - Guitar    
Samuel Gerstmans - Double bass    
Luc Vanden Bosch - Drums, Percussion    
+ guests :      
Claude Remacle - Sackbut    
Pascal Gonzales - Sackbut    
+ Ventosum Ensemble :      
Stéphane Légée - Sackbut    
Frank Poitrineau - Sackbut    
William Dongois - Cornet à bouquin   only on # 1


1.   Rêves de champignons   4:52
  Phil Abraham
2.   Moquerie   5:43
  Phil Abraham
3.   Suzanne ung jour   8:49  
  Roland de Lassus
4.   Lucky Thirds   7:32  
  Bert Joris
5.   Shortish   6:03  
  Phil Abraham
6.   Emily   6:51  
  Johnny Mandel / Johnny Mercer
7.   Au clark de la lune   8:58  
  Traditional (music), Phil Abraham (arrangement)

Arrangements : Phil Abraham.

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