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Peter Hertmans Trio
Peter Hertmans Trio
The Other Side
Record Labels Quetzal Records
Phonographic reference QZ 110
Released February 23, 2004
Media cd
Recorded May 2003

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Peter Hertmans - Guitar    
Sal La Rocca - Bass    
Bruno Castellucci - Drums    
Tim De Jonghe - Trumpet    
Steven Delannoye - Alto saxophone    
Dree Peremans - Trombone    


Peter Hertmans Trio  


1.   What's left    
2.   What is...      
3.   The other side    
4.   Is that you ?      
5.   Ever since      
6.   9-7-13, stay with us      
7.   Why not      
8.   Cry no more      

Compositions by Peter Hertmans

There is always an other side of everything.
Often, our perception is too limited in order to see it.
Yet, nothing is complete without it.
The music on this album tries to reflect this openness,
starting from one basic idea giving way to the surprise of developing new things together.
Letís hope youíll find the pleasure of being our other side.
    Peter Hertmans (January 2004)
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