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Paolo Radoni trio
Paolo Radoni trio
Funny ways
Record Labels LDH
Phonographic reference LDH 1003
Released 1981
Media LP

After Paolo's death, Igloo records reissued a limited edition of this album, this time on CD.


Paolo Radoni - Guitar    
Rudi Schröder - Double bass    
Ernst Bier - Drums    


1.   I could write a book      
  Rodgers / Hart
2.   Blue funk      
  Paolo Radoni
3.   Milano per caso    
  Paolo Radoni
4.   Levante      
  Paolo Radoni
5.   The mu tea commercial      
  Paolo Radoni
6.   Ballad for one    
  Paolo Radoni
7.   Milenberg joys      
  Jelly Roll Morton / Melrose W. / Roppolo / Mares
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