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Paolo Radoni trio
Paolo Radoni trio
A day or two
Record Labels B. Sharp
Phonographic reference CDS 095
Released 1993
Media cd
Recorded 1992 - 1993
  Studio 44, Monster (NL)

Featuring Ron Van Rossum


Paolo Radoni - Guitar    
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - Double bass    
Bruno Castellucci - Drums    
+ guest :      
Ron Van Rossum - Piano    


Paolo Radoni Trio  


1.   A day or two      
  Paolo Radoni
2.   You'd be so nice to come home to      
  Cole Porter
3.   Valseana      
4.   The final riff      
  Paolo Radoni
5.   Polka dots and moonbeams      
  J. Van Heusen / Burke
6.   In the mode      
  Paolo Radoni
7.   One hand, one heart      
  Leonard Bernstein
8.   Chove sol      
  Paolo Radoni
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