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Gaëtan Casteels Ozain 4tet
Gaëtan Casteels Ozain 4tet
The missing one(s)
Record Labels Mognomusic
Phonographic reference Mogno j060
Released January 15, 2022
Media cd
Recorded August 2020
  Poneylove studio by Jonas Verrijdt
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Gaëtan Casteels - Double bass    
Bruno Grollet - Saxophones    
Nathan Surquin - Trombone    
Pierre Hurty - Drums    


Ozain quartet  


1.   Carmin      
2.   Natural born piciu      
3.   Fax from outer space      
4.   Tempus fugiy      
5.   The maze      
6.   Mantra mandra      
7.   The persons      
8.   Selena      
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