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Olivier Collette
Olivier Collette
7 views of a secret
Record Labels Heptone
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference Heptone 2014-1
Released October 2014
Media cd
Recorded June 2014
  Heptone (Ittre)
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Olivier Collette - Piano    
Raphaëlle Brochet - Vocals    
Philippe Aerts - Double bass    
Renato Martins - Percussion    


Olivier Collette quartet  


1.   Aaahhhh    
2.   Joy & mystery    
3.   Old and new      
4.   Rony's samba      
5.   Raga for Rapha      
6.   Les six éoliennes      
7.   The african lullaby      
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All compositions by Olivier Collette
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