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Olivier Collette
Olivier Collette
Classical tribute
Record Labels Heptone
Released June 21, 2021
Media cd / digital
Recorded June 22, 2020 - June 24, 2020
  Jazzclub "Heptone" Ittre by Anton Vodenitcharov
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Olivier Collette - Piano, Arranger    
Eliane Reyes - Piano   on 1 and 11
Victor Foulon - Double bass    
Daniel Jonckers - Drums    


Olivier Collette trio  


1.   Valse posthume en la mineur      
  F. Chopin
2.   Variation sur le prélude en do mineur      
  Olivier Collette
3.   Liebestraum n°3      
  F. Liszt
4.   Concerto n°21, 2e mouvement      
  W. A. Mozart
5.   The little negro      
  C. Debussy
6.   Sicilienne      
  J. S. Bach
7.   Boléro      
  M. Ravel
8.   Concerto en sol majeur, 2e mouvement      
  M. Ravel
9.   Cold song      
  H. Purcell
10.   Nocturne en mi bémol majeur op. 9 n°2      
  F. Chopin
11.   Variation sur le prélude en do majeur      
  Olivier Collette
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This album is a tribute to the great composers of the past. Their works have survived the centuries and still touch us today. This project is also the meeting of two worlds : classical and jazz.
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