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Olivier Collette
Olivier Collette
Classical tribute
Record Labels Heptone
Released June 21, 2021
Media cd / digital
Recorded June 22, 2020 - June 24, 2020
  Jazzclub "Heptone" Ittre by Anton Vodenitcharov
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Olivier Collette - Piano, Arranger    
Eliane Reyes - Piano   on 1 and 11
Victor Foulon - Double bass    
Daniel Jonckers - Drums    


Olivier Collette trio  


1.   Valse posthume en la mineur      
  F. Chopin
2.   Variation sur le prélude en do mineur      
  Olivier Collette
3.   Liebestraum n°3      
  F. Liszt
4.   Concerto n°21, 2e mouvement      
  W. A. Mozart
5.   The little negro      
  C. Debussy
6.   Sicilienne      
  J. S. Bach
7.   Boléro      
  M. Ravel
8.   Concerto en sol majeur, 2e mouvement      
  M Ravel
9.   Cold song      
  H Purcell
10.   Nocturne en mi bémol majeur op. 9 n°2      
  F. Chopin
11.   Variation sur le prélude en do majeur      
  Olivier Collette
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This album is a tribute to the great composers of the past. Their works have survived the centuries and still touch us today. This project is also the meeting of two worlds : classical and jazz.
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