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Nicola Lancerotti Quartet
Nicola Lancerotti Quartet
Record Labels dEN Records
Phonographic reference dEN012
Released January 2013
Media cd / digital
Recorded January 21, 2012 - January 22, 2012
  The Harp Center (Brussels) by Manolo Cabras
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Jordi Grognard - Tenor saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Bass clarinet    
Daniele Martini - Soprano saxophone, Tenor saxophone    
Nicola Lancerotti - Double bass    
Nelide Bandello - Drums    


Nicola Lancerotti SkiN  


1.   Quartet I   3:11  
  Martini, Grognard, Lancerotti, Bandello
2.   Faking East   5:37
3.   T.T.F.K.A.C.   6:07  
4.   Trio   0:51  
  Grognard, Lancerotti, Bandello
5.   Why?   8:53  
6.   La quiete prima della tempesta   5:18
7.   Quartet III   3:47  
  Martini, Grognard, Lancerotti, Bandello
8.   A walk before dawn   4:26  
9.   Duo   2:19  
  Martini, Bandello
10.   Formiche notturne   5:07  
11.   Quartet IV   3:20  
  Martini, Grognard, Lancerotti, Bandello
Nicola Lancerotti is an italian double bass player based in Bruxelles.
The brand new album “Skin” is a perfect example of balance between improvisation, structures and a wonderful thematic taste.
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