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Nathan Daems quintet
Nathan Daems quintet
Praten dialect
Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference WERF 097
Released November 2011
Media cd
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Nathan Daems - Tenor saxophone    
Fulco Ottervanger - Piano and keyboards    
Bart Vervaeck - Guitar    
Sebastiaan "Bas" Gommeren - Double bass    
Simon Segers - Drums    


Nathan Daems Quintet  


1.   Moo! (barak)    
  Nathan Daems
2.   A tinge of color      
  Nathan Daems
3.   Rashko      
  Nathan Daems
4.   Tehina Libanaise      
  Nathan Daems
5.   Koekel ziet alles      
  Fulco Ottervanger
6.   Bhooshani business      
  Nathan Daems
7.   The after renovation lack    
  Fulco Ottervanger
8.   Alone together      
  Arthur Schwartz
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