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Nathalie Loriers Trio
Nathalie Loriers Trio
Silent Spring
Record Labels Pygmalion Records
Phonographic reference 595182
Released 1999
Media cd

Nathalie Loriers - Piano    
Sal La Rocca - Double bass    
Hans Van Oosterhout - Drums    


Nathalie Loriers Trio  


1.   Recurring Dreams      
2.   Silent Spring    
3.   Novecento      
4.   Continuum      
5.   La Croix du Sud      
6.   The Party    
7.   Entre Chien et Loup      
8.   Prao      
9.   Vivement Dimanche      

All compositions by Nathalie Loriers

" Instrumental jazz is largely 'reserved' for men musicians. Therefore, Nathalie had to compete in a men's world for her place as pianist. She has since long secured her corner and devoted herself to enlarge and enhance. Silent Spring is an additional road stone on her ascending trip. In March '99 she won the Belgian Django d'Or, which is a clear measure of success.

Opting for stability and continuity, she recorded with her trio, with which she plays since a number of years now. All compositions are original, the music as usual, is beautiful, where warmth, sensitivity and lyricism are among the main ingredients. Surrounding herself with musicians who are up to her degree of musicianship ensures the great quality of the album. Each new recording of Nathalie is a quantum leap. Can't wait for the next one.

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