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Nate Wooley / Daniele Martini / João Lobo
Nate Wooley / Daniele Martini / João Lobo
Legacy of Ashes
Record Labels Creative Sources Recordings
Phonographic reference cs364
Released August 8, 2016
Media cd
Recorded April 2011
  Salle des Harpes (Brussels) by Robbe Kieckens
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Nate Wooley - Trumpet, amplifier    
Daniele Martini - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
João Lobo - Drums    


1.   In China One Moonless Night      
2.   A Plot Underneath      
3.   Operation Mocking Birds      
4.   Seven Valleys Across      
5.   Dull, Duller, Dulles    
6.   Chasing El Lider Forever    
7.   Si Morgh      

All compositions by Martini, Wooley and Lobo.

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