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Myriam Alter
Myriam Alter
Alter Ego
Record Labels Intuition
Phonographic reference Int 3258-2
Released April 1999
Media cd
Recorded New York

Pianist and composer Myriam Alter presents her compositions, played by an all US band.


Billy Drewes - Saxophones    
Ron Miles - Trumpet    
Kenny Werner - Piano    
Marc Johnson - Bass    
Joey Baron - Drums    
Myriam Alter - Composer    


1.   No More Stress    
2.   Warmness    
3.   Funny Story      
4.   Worry      
5.   Stay Close To Me      
6.   Change in Rhythm      
7.   Slow Waltz      
8.   Getting Dark      
9.   Carousel      
10.   Calm Down      

All compositions by Myriam Alter

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