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Record Labels W.E.R.F.
Phonographic reference WERF 113
Released September 2013
Media cd
Recorded March 2013
  Studio Boma (Gent) by Geert De Waegeneer
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Bart Maris - Trumpet    
Jordi Grognard - Tenor saxophone, Bass clarinet    
Mathias Van De Wiele - Electric guitar    
Lieven Van Pee - Double bass    
Giovanni Barcella - Drums    




1.   Bouya-Ka    
2.   Sjeik of the ice age    
3.   Tsunami blues      
4.   Krakke Mikkel      
5.   Overstroomd      
6.   Hart it ranis (Emo)      
7.   Carnavalesco      
8.   La resistenza      
9.   Coda      

All compositions by M. Van de Wiele

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