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Mimi Verderame
Mimi Verderame
Bumpy Road
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 129
Released 1996
Media cd
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Mimi Verderame - Drums    
Jean-Marie Ecay - Guitar    
Gino Lattuca - Trumpet    
Bart De Nolf - Double bass    


1.   What is this thing called love ?   5:06  
  Cole Porter
2.   Don Chick   4:11
  Mimi Verderame
3.   Doxy   6:01  
  Sonny Rollins
4.   Bumpy road   7:20
  Mimi Verderame
5.   Soft Blues   7:19  
  Mimi Verderame
6.   Rhythm a ning   7:32  
  Thelonious Monk
7.   Pick up   5:55  
  Mimi Verderame
8.   Enfer   6:03  
  Mimi Verderame
9.   Brother & friend   4:58  
  Mimi Verderame
The quartet that drummer Mimi VERDERAME leads on this new CD "Bumpy Road" offers an impressively solid rhythm drawing on his roots in be-bop and afro. It has assembled four peers at the peak of their musical talents : we are in turn stunned by the creativity of Gino LATTUCA's trumpet solos and seduced by Jean-Marie ECAYS's guitar taking us on a magical journey from be-bop to blues, ably supported by the double bass of Bart de NOLF. As to Mimi VERDERAME' s interpretation, it is impetuous yet sensitive, irresistible and rhythmical, the beating heart of the quartet. Mimi has also arranged and written most of the tracks, revealing yet another side of his talent.

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