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Michel Herr Trio
Michel Herr Trio
Ouverture Eclair
Record Labels Oryx
  Self-produced album
Phonographic reference LP/CD 001
Released 1977
Media cd
Distribution in Japan : Sawano Shokai
Recorded 1977
  Ougrée (B)

Reissue (in Japan, 1998) on LP and CD of an LP recorded in 1977


Michel Herr - Piano    
Freddie Deronde - Double bass    
Félix Simtaine - Drums    


1.   Ouverture Eclair    
2.   The Sound of Gold    
3.   Just before      
4.   F.T.A.      
5.   Peacefully      
6.   End to End      
7.   F.T.A. live, CD only    
8.   End to End live, CD only    

All compositions by Michel Herr

" Ouverture Éclair saw the light of the day in the late '70ties as an LP. It is so fortunate that a Japanese fan, Mr Sawano, decided to re-release a collector's limited edition.

The album features compositions by Michel Herr who plays the piano, accompanied by Freddie Deronde & Félix Simtaine.

Two decades later, the music sounds as if it was composed today, having kept fresh and contemporary, no doubt the kind of music which lives for ever. Michel proves (in retrospective) to be an ever reliable musician and one of the pillars of Belgian jazz.

The albums enables us to hear Freddie Deronde, since long taken leave from playing music, one of the best bass players in his time. Félix is very much around enjoying playing his vintage drums and making everybody enjoying listening.

Another pearl of Belgian/European jazz

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